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Welcome to Fairy Lane:
Where Imagination Takes Flight!

Bringing magic to events across Queensland, one smile at a time.

For years, Fairy Lane Entertainment has been sprinkling a touch of magic into events across Queensland, leaving smiles and memories that'll last a lifetime. We're a team of passionate artists and entertainers dedicated to transforming your celebrations into extraordinary experiences.


Whether it's a child's birthday party adorned with dazzling face painting, a corporate event enlivened by our interactive games, or a special occasion graced by our enchanting fairy appearances, we tailor each experience to your unique vision.


Welcome to Fairy Lane, where imagination takes flight!

Fairy Raine


From dazzling face painting and whimsical party games to captivating fairy appearances and elegant throne rentals, Fairy Lane offers a sprinkle of magic for any occasion. Whether it's a child's birthday bursting with laughter, a corporate event infused with wonder, or a special celebration adorned with enchanting details, we tailor each experience to your unique vision.

So, let us transform your next gathering into an unforgettable memory!


Face Painting


Belly Painting

Paint Colors


2013.07.13 (22).jpg

Fairy Parties


Body Painting

July 2012 013.JPG

Corporate Events


Santa K


Mrs Claus


Throne Hire

Thank you to Fairy Lane Entertainment for her beautiful face painting on Saturday at Grand Final Day! From superheroes, to unicorns to spiders, there wasn’t anything Fairy Raine couldn’t create. It truly brightened everyone’s day.

About Fairy Raine

Fairy Lane is a magical place that started in the mid-90s when Lorraine began selling fairy crafts at a local market. Her passion for fairies led her to become Fairy Raine of Fairy Lane, hosting countless parties and events for children and adults.


Over the years, Fairy Lane has expanded its services to include face painting, body painting, and even introducing Santa K. Come and experience the magic of Fairy Lane!

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